• The HAP training was relevant and made me reflect on the accountability of my organisation's work, our mandate and that we have commitments we have to fulfil more systematically.end quote

    Timo Christians, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe

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The HAP Certification Scheme provides a rigorous verification of an organisation’s accountability and quality management. When an organisation is HAP-certified, it means that it is compliant with the 2010 HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management. HAP promotes certification because it is the most effective way to help organisations achieve and get recognition for their commitment to quality management and accountability to the people they aim to assist.

HAP certification is open to local, national and international organisations (HAP members and non-members) working in humanitarian relief, development and/or advocacy either directly or through partners.

HAP has worked extensively to research the benefits of its Certification Scheme, both through looking at the impact of accountability mechanisms, and through focus group discussions with those organisations that have undergone a HAP Certification Audit. The key benefits of the HAP Certification Scheme include:

  • Raised awareness of accountability and quality management among management and staff
  • Improved policies and operational guidelines – leading, in some cases, to the development of practical field guidance and tools
  • Responsibilities for accountability being more clearly assigned at headquarters and programme level
  • Clarification on what information should be routinely provided to communities in order for them to make informed decisions and to be able to hold organisations to account
  • Better processes for delivering information
  • Increased understanding of how participation is central to accountability
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of complaints handling mechanisms
  • Establishing greater transparency in interactions with communities and partners

For more information on the HAP Certification Scheme and its process, download the HAP Guide to Certification or the Eligibility Criteria for  Enrolment in the HAP Certification Scheme, or visit our Certification process webpage.

HAP, along with the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR) Certification Review Project, held a learning event in Bangkok in October 2013 to discuss the question: Can certification contribute to humanitarian effectiveness? The learning event report is now available to download. 

Those organisations wishing to enrol in the HAP Certification Scheme should click here.

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